Kalorama Chestnut Festival Green Initiatives

From 2024, the Kalorama Chestnut Festival will set a new standard, prioritising environmental initiatives and implementing waste reduction measures to present a sustainable festival to the community. 

We deeply revere our environment, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Dandenong Ranges. We’re committed to protecting it in every way we can. But we can’t do it alone – everyone’s actions make a real difference.

How You Can Make A Difference

Don’t Be A Mug, Bring Your Own

Join us in eliminating single-use cups by bringing your keep cup and water bottle. This simple step will significantly reduce waste, minimising the disposal of hundreds of cups and bottles. 

Plastic Free

We’re collaborating with suppliers to minimise plastic use at the Festival. Please consider bringing your reusable bags, containers, and cutlery and reduce bringing plastic waste to the Festival.

Bin It

Recycling bins will be available on the day for your convenience. 

Take The Bus

Make the most of the nearby public transport by utilising the bus stop across the road from the event. It takes the hassle out of finding a parking spot and helps reduce pollution. 

We recommend parking in one of the nearby villages or at the foot of the mountain and catching the bus to the Kalorama Reserve. Added bonus: you can explore the local businesses in the villages before or after you visit the Festival!

Plan your travel times before the festival using the journey planner on the Public Transport Victoria website.

Every small action adds up to make a big impact, and together, everyone can help preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us.